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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Random Day

Today we were focused on brainstorming questions for our Inquiry Proposal for Documentary Film. My idea was focused of fraternity. my exact question was Do you think that fraternities play a positive or negative role in college? How do different parts of society view them? Feel free to respond to this blog post and tell me what you think

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The Frist Steps

During the first section of 1102 and in our first paper there were a few obstacles that I had to overcome. The number one hurdle that I had to jump was distractions within writing while staying on task with the broad topic. Another thing that didn’t assist me into completing the rough draft in a timely manner is that the guidelines for the paper were on Facebook. Which is a huge distraction within itself, with news feed updates and messages from friends. It took much longer than necessary to finish the first rough draft for the class, I would recommend to copy and paste the guidelines and get offline if it is hard to stay on task while on Facebook. During the documentary of obsession with things in life like Star Wars it became evident that many people I know who are my age are obsessed with Twitter and Facebook which is almost the same thing as the Star Wars fans. Overall the first few steps in my English 1102 went rather smooth.